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I miss blogging.

Because of stupid reasons, I haven’t (and probably still can’t) post stuff properly. I know year-end posts are a wee bit cliche… BUT! I checked out a few items off my bucketlist, and here are bits of what happened to my 2013.

• Took risks
• Had unexpected ties with some people
• Mastered the art of cramming!
• Almost lost a friend
• Had a new batch of crushes hahaha
• Had my braces removed :(
• Went on a trip
• Pretty lucky to see my awesome idols in the flesh
• Made a short film
• Ended a business
• Bleached my hair!
• Broke my laptop …and my phone. and more stuff.
• Stayed up all night a lot
• Daily kilig (i’m a lucky girl)
• Did a few things for the first time!

To cap everything off, this year had been full of adventures and unexpected turnouts. There were surprises and stupid whatnots, it was tough and upsetting most of the time. I grew through struggle, and despite it, I found good and fun in it. To me, 2013 was a year for growth and challenges. I can’t wait for what the new year has in store for me.

Happy 2014 everybody!

Hi folks

I’m alive, my blog isn’t. I’m just having issues with my camera and my computer’s being a bitch. Been posting crap that doesn’t even make sense. I am also pretty occupied with school (with zero adventures) and I can’t wait for the plans I made for the holidays.

See you around!

Maybe once we felt the same, maybe i’m the one to blame

Something for my hidden diva.

G.U.Y., Sexxx Dreams, Do What U Want, Gypsy, and Empire of the Sun’s mix of Applause are my most played


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Gone back to the usual! It just dawned on me i’ll be doing this for the rest of my life. 

The sea, its vast and deadly
It took all of everything
Clouded with nothing but fear
Grips your soul and crushes hope
The fight is over for now we lost

Make ready the sails
we’re drowning


Tugtugan para sa Tacloban at B Side

Awesome line up and fangirled over Farewell Fair Weather again! (That’s She’s Only Sixteen on the sucky photo though.)

Its ironic we ended up consuming a part of what we were supposed to donate hahaha!


Awesome shit yo.


Everything appears in my mind like a memory

Perhaps something unreal my imagination just made up

I’ve felt this way for far too long.

And I said I wasn’t the floral type.

And I said I wasn’t the floral type.


This is probably one of my favorite photos that Kat took and processed. I’ve had this for quite some time and I never had the guts to show it to people. So now, ta-daa!

The Lesser Evil

We both know what’s happening.

Sad thing is nobody acts on it. So I guess its perfectly fine that I’d man up and do something about this.

The only choice is to take a leap and go for that ‘change’ that we both aren’t used to, or just ignore everything like it never even mattered.

I’m done taking risks, so I’d choose losing to the lesser evil this time.